Driving with Caution: Flowers on Board!

Ever been stuck behind a s l o w moving vehicle on the road? You've got somewhere important to be, already running a bit late and this big ass van in front is doing only 30km/h down the winding road AND THEN drops down to almost 5km/h around the corners. "Whyyy?!" You scream to yourself, "hurry up would you?" Perhaps the vehicle has the chance to pull off to the side of the road to let you pass "Oh finally! Thank you!" You whip around them and are on your merry way again.

Now have you ever wondered why on earth they were driving like that? Well, that slow moving vehicle could have been your wedding florist!

Whilst our van is packed to the brim with delicate cargo, you'll see a small sign on the back and front of our van that reads: Driving with Caution, Flowers on Board. We sincerely apologise for driving slowly at times and we do make every effort to be courteous to other drivers when we do. But take a look at the view from behind the passenger seat from this weekend's wedding:
Blue Mountains Florist Wedding Flowers Botanical Art Lawson

That's one and a half layers of precious wedding floral arrangements on their way to Dryridge Estate in the Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains. Now anyone who has ventured into the gorgeous Megalong Valley would know the long, steep, winding road that leads from Shipley Road in Blackheath down into the valley. The kind of road that you'd squash your bother to the car door whilst paying "corners!" 😁

This load contained 6 bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets, 11 buttonholes, 2 tall pedestal arrangements in extra large urns for the ceremony, a signing table arrangement, 3 large feature arrangements for the reception AND 30 glass vases with candles. A modest load, but due to the shape and sizes, still requires careful packing and transportation to ensure these beauties arrive safely at their destination.

Now as you might very well expect, flowers aren't the kind of cargo that you can just stack on top of each other and toss in the back of the van! A lot of care and attention goes into carefully packing each bouquet and arrangement to ensure they arrive at the wedding as beautifully as they left our shop. This is where our driver/MacGyver comes in. Brendon is an expert at predicting movement during transit to ensure the flowers stay safe but also sustain no damage in the worst case scenario! He packs these flowers as safely and securely as his own son. Meaning, I (his wife) doesn't have to hold her breath for the entire journey! 😬

Blue Mountains Wedding Flowers Botanical Art Lawson Florist road

Bridal bouquets are placed into recycled coffee jars of shallow water (to keep them fresh until they are carried down the aisle)These jars are placed into a long box packed tightly with scrap paper and plastic flower sleeves (which have been removed from bunches of flowers when we buy them from the markets) ensuring they don't move around during transit.

This reception had 3 long continuous guest tables, so the bride requested 3 large feature arrangements to sit atop tall glass vases for each table, with only a simple green vine running along the table tops (in order to leave room to place share platters) To travel, these large bowl arrangements were placed on the tabletop shelf inside our van in order to allow enough room that the outer blooms would not break, but placed on top of rubber mats to ensure they didn't slip and slide onto the bouquets below! (Even still, corners are taken super slow)

Botanical Art Florist Lawson Wedding Flowers

The extra large pedestal arrangements are so tall that I prefer to only base them up with greenery at the shop and arrange the flowers onsite. Due to the style of these particular arrangements, there is the risk of the long stems either swaying too much or even breaking during transit, therefore adding the flowers when we arrive will ensure the best result. Being a summer day, it was too warm for the flowers to work outside so the arranging was done in the back of the already cool van (thank you air conditioning!)

Once we arrive the pressure is eased, today's job from here is straightforward. We deliver the bouquets to a glowing bride, set the flowers on the tables and place the ceremony arrangements. Needless to say, the trip back home is much less stressful (and quicker!)

So next time you're stuck behind what could be another delicate wedding flower delivery, think, those could be my wedding flowers on board! And return a courtesy wave as you pass. Thank you! 👋🙏 👍

Planning a wedding? Check out our Wedding Flowers website for  all the info you need to plan your floral arrangements with Botanical Art florist.

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