Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! ✨🎉🍾

Botanical Art Blue Mountains Florist Lawson Flower Delivery Happy New Year

In the spirit of reflection and making resolutions, here are 5 highlights from the past year and 5 aspirations for the year to come:


🌟 Relocated our shop from our humble little corner cave to a brand new, bright and bold highway store

🌟 Celebrated winning the Customer Service Award at the NSW ACT Regional Community Business Awards

🌟 Added our Little Delivery Van to our toolbox in order to cater for the increasing needs of our consistently growing business

🌟 Planned, prepared and delivered unique wedding flowers for special couples from the Blue Mountains and beyond

🌟 Created and personally delivered beautiful flowers for thousands of local, national and international customers throughout the year

And for 2020

🌱 Continue to serve our local Blue Mountains community by providing flowers, plants and gifts for all occasions throughout the year

🌱 Expand our range of giftware as we fill out our new shop (we have so much room to grow here!)

🌱 Offer new and unique varieties of living plants both indoor and outdoor (whilst still praying for rain to refresh our gardens and landscape 🌧️)

🌱 Create a new and inspiring space on our outdoor terrace that is both kid and adult friendly, catering for more garden plants, supplies and gifts

🌱 Prioritise the integral part of our business which is our family. We thank many of our loyal customers and fellow local businesses who support and share this ethos

Botanical Art Blue Mountains Florist Lawson Small Local Family Business

We are thankful to be a part of such a friendly, personal, and resilient local community here in Lawson. It is inspiring to see the strength of the local people and businesses who continue to smile and serve us day in day out (even in the most trying times)

Thank you for the encouragement and support we have received throughout the year and our entire journey. We have come so far in just 5 years and have such a long way to go (when the sky is the limit!) They say Rome wasn't built in a day - neither is a small business 😉

Here's to a new year, a new decade and new beginnings 🌱 (and rain... 🙏🌧️🌠)

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