It's nearly Christmas... ALREADY?!

Oh the year we've had. Yes we all know. The new "C word" is becoming more offensive than the old one. I don't know about you, but I feel as if we have spent the entire year waiting for it to begin! And now here we are, in mid-November, ready to "get festive" and say see ya later (or eff off) to 2020!

With the stress of the year that has been upon us, our loved ones still far away, it may be hard to shake it off and get in the mood to celebrate Christmas. So if you are struggling to get in the spirit, here are a few tips on how to approach Christmas 2020 with a smile :)


Juzdoit. Put up the tree, sing carols whilst you do it, hang a wreath (not a toilet roll one, for goodness sakes!) cover the house in fairy lights, do whatever you can to make it feel like a "normal" Christmas! Even one simple ornament placed right in the heart of your home can have the effect of fully decked halls.

These sweet and simple Everlasting Botanical Baubles add a naturally festive touch to any home. 

2. It's starting to SMELL a lot like Christmas!

Did you know that the sense of smell is most closely linked to memory? So no wonder nothing can quite bring on the Christmas feels like a festive fragrance! Light a Christmas candle or pop a Christmas Essential Oil blend in an aromatherapy mist diffuser. Essential oils are a fantastic way to create or enhance a mood - whether that be cheerful, uplifting, or calming.

We have a fantastic range of festive essential oil blends by ECO. Modern Essentials and Christmas Soy Candles by Bramble Bay Co. in store at Botanical Art.  


3. Shop Local!

After the devastating affects on small businesses from last summer's bushfires, followed almost immediately by COVID-19, small businesses need your support more than ever! Christmas shopping is the perfect opportunity to invest in your local community. The Blue Mountains is home to thousands of small businesses offering quality Christmas gift ideas. Here in Lawson we have a fantastic range of shops from fresh flowers, plants and gifts from your local florist Botanical Art, to yummy chocolate treats from Rust and Timber Chocolate Bar, and the Pet Health Hub has the furbabies covered! These quality family businesses are just a few of many options available in the Mid Mountains. Avoid the crowded shopping centres and enjoy shopping small and socially distanced in the Blue Mountains! 

christmas gift shopping shop local small business botanical art lawson florist blue mountains

4. Send a Christmas Card 

It might seem a little old fashioned, but nothing quite beats the warm feelings that follow receiving a hard copy, hand written Christmas card in the mail. We might not have the opportunity to see many loved ones in person this year, so why not send a heartfelt card instead? Get the kids involved and make something at home, or buy a unique greeting card designed by one of many talented Australian Artists. And may I say nothing quite beats that feeling of anticipation when you slide the card into the big red post box at your local post office!

Christmas Card Australian Artist Petal and PinsLocal Blue Mountains Australian Artist Christmas Card Lorraine Brownlee Designs

Beautiful Australian Made greeting cards by Lorraine Brownlee Designs and Petal and Pins are available at Botanical Art - Blue Mountains Florist.

5. K.I.S.S.

NOT under the mistletoe! Keep those repulsive germs to yourselves this year, and Keep It Simple Stupid. We're all tired, we're all over it, we're all hanging out to "be normal again" so this holiday season, try not to sweat the small stuff and focus on the good stuff. It is likely there will be supply issues this year as COVID continues to wreak havoc on supply chains, so if Granny's favourite brand of cranberry sauce isn't in the supermarket, let it go. She'll live! If someone accidentally sneezes at the checkouts just lather on that sanitiser and smile. We can do this. Focus on the positives, and make the most of whatever time you do have to enjoy precious time with your loved ones.


So go on, put on the Michael Buble and your jingle bell earrings. Even if you have to fake it 'til you make it, like a handful of glitter (or a germ), a little cheer can spread a long way 🎄✨🎅🏻🥂🎁🎀



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