Tealovers Loose Leaf Tea

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A true treat for any tea lover, is the Tealovers loose leaf tea range! A variety beautiful blends available to add to your fresh flower delivery order. Whether you're into spicy chai, traditional black or sweet herbal blends, Tealovers have the perfect blend for every tea enthusiast. Choose from a range of enticing flavours:

Black Teas


French Earl Grey -100g

Highly aromatic bergamot black tea with notes of mango and tropical fruits. Rose & calendula flowers add to its delightful presentation

Blue Mountain - 100g

Aromatic bergamot black tea paired with sweet vanilla and dainty blue cornflowers

Earl Grey Blue Flowers - 100g

Supreme Earl Grey bergamot blend, with delicate blue cornflowers for enhanced presentation

Masala Spiced Chai - 100g

Tea Lovers signature Chai. Our finest black tea blended with a traditional Indian spiced recipe. Delightfully aromatic and robust

Australian Lemon Myrtle - 100g

North Queensland Daintree black tea blended with Australian Lemon Myrtle.


Herbal Blends

Sweet Dreams - 50g

Soothing blend of lemon balm, hops, chamomile, passionflower & other selected herbs. A natural herbal sedative that helps to reduce restlessness and promote deep sleep


Green Teas

Jasmine with Flowers - 100g

Known for its fresh jasmine bouquet. This tea is very popular all around the world and commonly served in Chinese restaurants

Fruit Infusions

Cranberry Blood Orange - 50g

Lovely orange aroma and refreshing tart cranberry and orange flavour. High in vitamin C, with the additional benefits of cranberry fruits!

Apple Almond Teacake - 50g

Delightful apple tea with a delicious nutty yogurty flavour. A Tea Lovers favourite!


Tin shown in photo is for presentation purposes only. Foil bag of tea will be packed in a paper gift bag for delivery with flowers.