Substitution Policy

The real beauty of a flower is each one is unique - no two are ever exactly the same! This is also true with our floral arrangements, which is why we have developed the following Substitution Policy. This policy applies to all orders, whether they are placed online, over the phone or in person.

Substitution Policy

As our range of fresh flowers varies daily, the exact flower varieties and colours may vary from those pictured. The materials used will be of similar shapes and sizes and of equal value; therefore maintaining the overall style and colour scheme of the pictured design. Our professional florists will use their experience and best judgement to compose each arrangement with respect for both value-for-money and aesthetic quality.


When applying our substitution policy to orders, flower and foliage varieties used as substitutes may be more fragrant or contain more natural pollens than the pictured varieties. We cannot take responsibility for irritation that may occur from flower varieties if the recipient is sensitive or allergic. Please inform us at the time of ordering of any known allergies or sensitivity to fragrances so we can accommodate these within your order.


Many items available to order online are available to order in various sizes: Simple-Standard (Small), Special-Stunning (Medium) and Sensational-Spectacular (large). An average of approximately 20% size difference can be expected between these options, but this can vary per item and depending on the actual flowers used. Most items pictured are Standard-Special (Medium) in order to represent an average size, however please check the item description to confirm which size is pictured. 

Variation of Stock Levels

Our stock levels are constantly variable as we create and sell our fresh flowers during the day. We endeavour to update our online store as quickly as possible if a certain product is no longer available for order, even with our Substitution Policy applied. However, occasionally we may not update the store before an order is placed. In this unlikely event, the customer will be contacted to discuss the options available in regard to their order. These options may include delaying delivery until the next market day, selecting an alternative design or cancellation of the order.

Please give us a call if you would like more information on which flower varieties we currently have in stock to fulfill your order with. We will do our best to provide you with accurate and insightful information during your call 02 4759 2747